you’re a ray of sunshine
with a zest for life
motivation slogans
comin’ out your pipe

coverin’ up your bruises
with a pink band-aid
excusin’ all the madness

with some bad cliches

well you can go on
pilin’ them blankets
on your little bed of lies
or grab a heapin’ forkful
of some radical advice

it’s just some
refrigerator magnet wisdom
for you to display
“instead of lemons
throw a grenade”

Rene ~ 2011

This was a Magpie Tales entry. Photo by Tess Kincaid. Tess assures all that no lemons were harmed in the making of this photo.


35 thoughts on “pucker

  1. This is gnarly! And violence disguised as passion is awesome too. Sorry, I have been on the Charlie Sheen thing all day long and it really does rub off on you (me). Seriously, this was way cool.

  2. They say: life gives you lemons you make lemonade. I wonder how they'll put a positive spin on grenades coming your way. This really cracked me up! Thanks!

  3. Now that was super friggin' awesome, Rene… Sour relationships give 'em lemons a bad name, I tell ya! Ohh.. I like forkful of radical advice!! Umm.. not taking it per-se… but the sound of it in this poem! :)A blast of a take on the prompt!!

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