leaving Jersey

goodbye Jersey
i am leaving
keep on sleeping
it’s still dark 
i kiss your forehead
leave a story
in a pendant
lipstick mark

i grab a coffee
start the engine
driving dreamlike 
through the mist
heading homeward
leaving heartbound
tied your name
around my wrist

goodbye Jersey
i am leaving
when you wake up
i’ll be gone
tend your garden
count the blossoms
see that life goes
marching on

and i’m on
the Turnpike
pouring raining
windshield wipers
fight the tears
goodbye Jersey
it’s not easy
even after
all these years

Rene ~ March 2011

Taking a break from the prompt this week, but I still wanted to share a poetic morsel with you all. Also I insist (very sweetly) that you visit Irish Gumbo for his smokin’ hot take on the Magpie prompt. 
And bring some water…ice cold.


31 thoughts on “leaving Jersey

  1. Wow! I love the images you created and the rhythm of your words… My favorite part: "heading homewardleaving heartboundtied your namearound my wrist" It's beautiful. And I could feel her bittersweet sadness, leaving Jersey but hoping the next place would be better…

  2. Oh I felt like this when I left Minnesota….I cried for hours and hours…and never did move back…but the memories are embedded into my heart forever…this was a sweet reminder…bkm

  3. "'cause tramps like us, baby we were Born to Run!" Absolutely love this poem for personal reasons, mainly my childhood. (Billy Joel. lol He's a New Yorker)

  4. Awww… you sweet Jersey gal.. We NJers here will miss ya!! Thank God you blog though!! Gosh.. it's so hard to leave.. had to do it last year when we moved from Dallas.. grr So I really felt this one.. (hugs to you)

  5. when you mention turnpikes, you remind me of New Jersey of the U. S., where I used to reside for one year..moving words, very entertaining flow..Cheers,love your tale.

  6. Very nice post, Jersey Rocks! I am a native and just moved back, temporarily, to the Shore (Monmouth County.) Love it, love it. Although NH is nice too. I used to have a running debate about NJ vs. NH in law school with a friend from NH. My trump card: NH only has 17 miles of coastline. Jersey Rules!

  7. Oh, this is good! I agree with everyone who said that your words read like lyrics to a song. All this needs is music! It must be bittersweet to leave, though. On one hand, you're saying goodbye to something that was a part of you. On the other hand, something new is waiting.

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