newly wicked

after the fall
she bathed him 
in kisses of both
the good and evil sort
as he wept gently
wide awake
back hurting
she coiled into herself
as twelve serpents
gnawed through
her middle 
if only you’d known
if only you knew

38 thoughts on “newly wicked

  1. Rene, I love your use of the number twelve…its symbolism in this tale of creation can be linked to so many things, the disciples, the months, the zodiac …I am sure you had something in mind..but its use leaves a world of possibilites that makes the poem universal….blessings…bkm

  2. I'm reading this as the discomfort of pregnancy and the pain of labour that resulted after "the fall". And I really liked it. New to your corner of blogland, but hope to be back.

  3. My wife and I often appear like this painting when we are lounging at our favorite wilderness hot springs. I never would think that we have done something wrong in our innocence except for forgetting to bring the sunblock.Did I miss something?OneLove–TigerPS I love snakes

  4. Dear Reneits beautifully evocative and powerful… 'As he wept gently / Contritely' great words…loved the picture too… Thanks for sharing..ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivaya Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  5. Whheew!! So NOW I know whom to blame for all those hidden "oohy" feelings inside :)LOVED this one, Rene!!! (creeps for the snakes.. but never mind those.. not in your poem at least :))

  6. Inventive and well-built take on The Fall, which in itself is gutsy as a) well, it's The Fall and b)you put yourself out there by writing on a subject that virtually everyone is familiar with and is equally likely to have their own take on. This is very, very fine work.

  7. Well done, you! First thing I've read on this lovely Sunday. I especially love this bit:"she coiled into herselfas twelve serpentsgnawed throughher middle":D

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