enter the mancave

here’s where
da wars are won
where da bets are placed
and da deeds get done
ya won’t find one
single inch o’ chintz
this room’s not fit
for even the toughest
o’ prints
what ya will find
are us bravehearts
of ev’ry stripe
thinkin’ sharp thoughts
and passing da pipe
this be a place
for burpin’ and scratchin’
and fer speakin’ freely
without mindin’ da hatchlin’s
we hunker on down
and we gets da world beat
and den we go an’
gets us somethin’ ta eat

Rene ~ March 2011

Photo by Tess Kincaid
This be a Magpie Tale. Get your scribblin’ on by clickin’ on this scrawl…


24 thoughts on “enter the mancave

  1. You know, I read the poem before I read the title. Yet I knew that Mancave had to be included in the title somehow, even before I read it! I'm a sucker for a well-chosen title, and a sucker for aptly chosen, well woven words. Nicely done!!!

  2. Ahh, Mancaves…where men can hide from their wives for hours on end and drink beer and get greasy and like play with tools and stuff, while dreaming up new projects which cannot be started until more tools are bought. ツ

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