terrestrial lovesick blues

i’m so tired of tangling
with the moon over you and
the way she leaves you hanging
as she changes her view
yet there you wait
starry eyed, thumbin’ for a ride
for her to come around
and take you with the tide
me, i’m not celestial
got my feet in the clay
i’m down to earth
yeah babe, terrestrial
my desire’s not a phase
if i could have your full attention
to show you that my shine is
real love, not a reflection
from the fire that burns inside

but i’m so tired of tangling

and i’m tired of waiting
and she’s leaving you
hanging, pining,
changing her view
and could i just have
some of your attention
i’d like to show you
real love, not a reflection
love true blue

Rene ~ 2011


23 thoughts on “terrestrial lovesick blues

  1. Really like the title. The words flow really well. me, i’m not celestialgot my feet in the clayi'm down to earthyeah babe, terrestrialmy desire's not a phase this is defintely my favorite part.

  2. Fucking. Brilliant. Girl, definitely my favorite of yours and boy does it speak volumes. Reminds me of a time a little over a year ago, getting out of something that wasn't good. Yet with a musical twang. Killer.

  3. Thanks to Brian's comment, I'm reminded of that Earl Thomas Conley song "Heavenly Bodies." It's so perfect."I'm gonna sit here from now until closing time,just working on making your heavenly body all mine."It's everything that's right about country music.

  4. This whole poem went by me singing to the tune of an old Canned Heat song (so tired of crawlin/but i'm up/on the road again)it really is a/the blues–and man, they are hard to shake. Been there, and that reflection is blinding. Fine poem, Rene.

  5. New way here and a good one of saying those things…the friend that tells you everything about the love of his life while you only have eyes for him. Very creative and fresh. Loved it.

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