if you seek beauty

beauty ribbons

under a paring knife
in a perfect curlique
of unending apple skin

beauty rests
on a young mother’s shoulder
as a newborn slumbers
for the first time in hours

beauty speaks
in crayola contracts
magic marker declarations of love
and watercolor belly laughs

beauty shimmers
off the ripples made
by all those i think i cans
that finally took the leap

beauty travels
down feathered eye lines
this way i know by now
let me show you how

Peace ~ Rene

Take a moment to read Dolores by Durga Chew-Bose, it is truly beautiful.

10 thoughts on “if you seek beauty

  1. Rene~ I've lingered in my garden this morning, and loved every moment; so this was the first poem I read today. And I thank you. I could not have had a better start to the literary portion of my Friday. This one is a gift and a blessing.

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