pillars of sand

a reputation on trial
the dirt of the offending
transgression under many
a pointed fingernail yet
this sin was her name
her sin alone

they summoned him
to begin the breaking
of body to dust
locked and loaded
they waited comfortably
blind to a fault
he held up a stick

as he listened to their damning
testimony solid as stone towers
he silently picked away
at its foundation
counting each speck
knowing each name
writing letters in the sand
look down at your dirty soles
i’ve got news for you

eyes burned wide
mouths fell open
stained hands shook
stones to earth thudding
walk away free
and uneasy now
walk the way of peace
from now on

Peace ~ Rene


17 thoughts on “pillars of sand

  1. Brilliant… wait, I need to come up with a better adjective for you. I feel redundancy coming on… intriguing interpretation. That doesn't quite cover it.Well, you know it's great. Just keep it up. Cheers,Casey

  2. Now I have to go to the library. I heard a lecture on that story once. The professor said that the word "wrote" in Greek was actually "wrote against" kind of like "indict." I have never checked the Greek text and the lexicon for myself. I have to go to the public library to do it. Either that or get my own interlinear Bible and Greek lexicon. Probably run me about a grand.

  3. I think what makes the moment of judgment cancelled by a truer justice so satisfying is that such a moment is hard to imagine in our day, with everyone so bent on pointing their finger elsewhere that they can't see the inditement of truth that points at every heart. – Brendan

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