drop it like it’s science

photo by Tess Kincaid

stumblin’ outta bed
you do the rope twist shimmy
cotton tangled blue
and the sun says gimme
c’mon now turn it on
let’s steam it up

go an’ tease your hair
in a soft serve confection
icing on your lips
foggin’ up your reflection
c’mon now blow it off
let’s build it up

ssssteam it up
build it up
and when it gets
too hard to hold
we’ll just let the whole
thing go
off and we’ll do it again
all over again

Rene Foran/ Not The Rockefellers ~ April 2011

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30 thoughts on “drop it like it’s science

  1. I snap my fingers and get my ass headed for the shower and the day. Love the perky effervescence of this song. (p.s., In the latter days of my rock n roll career, I took voice lessons for a year and a half — until my vocal coach said he just couldn't take my money any more.) – Brendan

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