spool of siloam

how do you 
see it, friend
are you with
me or am 
i with you ?

what is the
answer, brother
did you lose
a boot or is it
that you found one ?

how do you
paint the stripes on 
zebra, neighbor?
black on white 
or white on black?

it’s all in 
how you see it, friend
i see, you see
i know, you know
what i mean

Rene Foran ~ April 2011


13 thoughts on “spool of siloam

  1. very interesting questions- reminds me of the book of i-ching when one man dreamt that he was a butterfly and then he asked- did i dream that i was the butterfly or that the butterfly dreamt that it was me.. nice one rene and i enjoyed calling your name haha!

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