jesus aquarius

Surf City, NJ ~ Rene Foran

run fast little one

eyes blinded by life
lungs burning from
the acrid smoke of
lost hope do not stop
run to me 
fall to the earth arms
hugging knees toes
gripping sand let loose
the litany of the wrongs,
the slights
cry on my shoulder 
generously exhale
every demon that dogs you
all that glitter
that shunned you 
belt it out like Aretha
go ‘head and tell me

lift from your shoulders
the jagged slab that owns you
tumble it into me. i will 
make smooth the crags
with each turn, a rough patch
polished soul bright
Peace ~ Rene

13 thoughts on “jesus aquarius

  1. this poem has so many levels…from mother to child, from creator to creation…a wonderful pairing to the "footprints" poem…a surrender of everything that we may be polish and carried….that is how i read this…blessings…bkm

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