catch and release

running barefoot
across the open lawn
of my wonder church
in hot pursuit of 
lightning bugs 
i am ten years old 
yes i am 
i’m just big
for my age
cupping my hands
i wait 
i catch 
from steepled forefingers
i watch morse code
freedom songs
i open the doors
and send back
to the night
her earth stars
~ Rene Foran

Friday Poetically

31 thoughts on “catch and release

  1. Oh, how I love the little star-cousins, flashing their morse code "love me, love me, here I am", glowing semaphores of the evening.The wonder on my son's face when he coaxes one to land on his finger is a treasure. Thanks for the reminder of that sweetness.Shade and Sweetwater,K

  2. There's a real simple truth here, really living is about wonder, and the time for wonder is always upon us, it;s never too late to feel it.Really sweet Rene, you took me back and brought me forward all at once.we call them fire-flies : )

  3. I love this! It really made me smile and it almost made me cry, I don't know how to explain it. It is wonderful! Your work is always so pleasantly surprising! ~Susan

  4. You are an inspiration…….. ( but I'd like a peek inside your brain…. So I could see how a "real" brain looks….. mine is full of wisecracks…. and lots of "Ben& Jerry's"…..)I left you something over on my blog…..

  5. We all desperately need to let our inner child go more often and enjoy life. I love the artwork and am on my way to her blog to check it out. Lovely post.

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