the moon has drawn
across your chest
a path, 
a gateway,
an airstrip,
a sliver of light under a bolted door,
a weakness underlined,
a hurdle,
a wall
the urgent, naked glow of opportunity?
the dim fluorescent nuisance of an object out of reach
you sleep soundly
as i fight the pull of the tide
i put my hand on your chest
a silver, white shoreline
swim parallel

Rene Foran ~ July 2010

28 thoughts on “lighthouse

  1. Rene, this is another outstanding poem. You are truly talented, and I'd like to place an advance order for your book now!! (Let me know as soon as you decide on the price … I think I'll take 5 copies, actually.)

  2. This was THE perfect definition of "you know what"! Neatly put, Rene… "a sliver of light under a bolted door,a weakness underlined," — totally loved these lines in particular… they held a LOT of meaning hidden in them… phheew! Thank you so much for linking this beautiful poem with poetry potluck, R… I hope you had/ar having a great time at the potluck! 🙂

  3. Sensational take on marriage/relationship. Amazing demonstration of taking an object (in this case, a flash of light across your partner's chest) and picking it up and running away with it in terms of likening it to something else- more difficult to do than I first imagined any time that I have tried. Your imagination is vast. Great prompt response.

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