this way to the entrance

Photo by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales

run your fingers
along the picket fence
lining the outside
of the garden

upon spotting a sliver of light
loosen a plank and
pull it toward yourself
in a smooth motion

be prepared to be
enraptured if your eye
has not seen such wonder
allow for time to be lost 

if you require assistance
please contact the front desk
where it will be our pleasure 
to assist you

thank you and enjoy freedom

26 thoughts on “this way to the entrance

  1. I see this in the same way, Rene. 🙂 I love it…. and should you find yourself overcome/dizzy with imagination, someone will be by shortly to commisserate…Pearl

  2. Some of the best parts of my life have been spent in that world behind the loose planks in the fence of books which you've built so perfectly. You've captured that sense of a better reality inside the covers.

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