photo courtesy of Earthship Biotecture

silver white thread
spun around
denim blue
sky over sea
god’s little sister
is quite a handsome woman

like george washington’s
wednesday afternoon

she’s got a way of gettin’
to the honest parts
of you

“don’t coddle your intentions
for too long ,child
they gotta way of
lockin’ up your insides
if they ain’t been sent
right to work”

my words and fingers rise and fall
in lazy beer bottle circles 
celia weeds her garden.
i want to let go and believe
i want to belong to a world
outside of  the inside

Rene ~ May 2011

18 thoughts on “celia

  1. this is lovely…i would not mind a long talk drink of that doorway…sounds like a wise woman…you ever had something try to crawl out from inside you, its nasty business…

  2. Lovely weave of truths here … such truth in the notion that following one's bliss threads our way out into the world. inside, they just go gnarly. St. Thomas put it differently, but Celia would agree: "If you bring out what is inside you, what you bring out will save you. If you fail to bring out what is inside you, what you fail to bring out will destroy you." Listen to god's little sister. (P.S., I just got back from a weekend at the beach, and my head is still between sea and sky…mmmm) – Brendan

  3. I believe that the simplest things are what save us, and also help us come to terms with the complex ones–perhaps even understand them in time, like god's little sister seems to do here. Enjoyed it, Rene.

  4. There was something really soothing and pleasant about this poem.. and I clung to that feeling till the very last word..A very beautiful poem, Rene..

  5. What a scintilating piece. Fabulous… gentle, soothing, promising, yet stirs the depths with longing to find that quiet moment of pure appreciation. Wonderfully shared.

  6. Wonderful, Rene. Your poem reminded me of an extraordinary woman I knew. Amazing how poetry can conjure up thoughts in the reader that might be completely unrelated to those of the poet.

  7. As Poets United reaches its first anniversary this coming week we want to thank you for your support. Over the past year we have grown to 250 members plus and are steadily growing. Poets United is proud to have you as one of our members and look forward to another successful year. You imagination, creativity and willingness to share with us is what makes our community such a wonderful place. Thank you for beautiful poetry and thank you for being a part of Poets United.

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