neptune’s telephone

Photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales

i’m gonna downsize
to a palace
i can carry on my back
givin’ up my 
gettin’ off the fast track
breakin’ up
my shell collection
scatterin’ it all a’round
on several sunny beaches
that’s where it’d all be found
so if you’d like
to reach me 
or just leave me alone
grab a conch
and ring me 
on neptune’s telephone

Rene ~ June 2011

28 thoughts on “neptune’s telephone

  1. I love this, Rene! For many reasons…And thank you for the sweet congratulatory comment on my blog – I truly appreciate that.Have a smooth day and chat with you soon…:-}) Anna

  2. Hey, I'm all for a party line into the blue deeparoo, conch shells for Dixie cups, poems for wires plugged into every happy beach. O Neptune, you keep me hangin' on the telephone … Brendan

  3. MWAAHHHH!! Awesome!! I am picking up this telephone RIGHT NOW!! I need to make some urgent calls.. :)Gosh… I soooo loved this, Rene! Hats off to your imagery!!

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