freedom’s quilt

Wheat Field with Rising Sun, Vincent Van Gogh, 1889
Courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales
sunflower dawn
pulled through 
the eye of a needle
a chore for the spirit
a feast for the soul
a gift to the living
Rene ~ July 4th, 2011

31 thoughts on “freedom’s quilt

  1. Rene, I'm so glad I found you by way of my good buddy, Fragrant Liar. Having read some of your poems and your "few words about me," I can say that you are exactly my definition of a most excellent writer … with the approach to writing that every writer should take! Fearless, uncensored, poignant! You're on my blog list and I'll be checking in faithfully!

  2. thank you all for taking a break from your vacation day to read my stuff!mighty nice of you :)@Casey, creating a tapestry ( not unlike writing) can sometimes be a test to one's spirit. It can become a bit of a chore 🙂

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