sea balm

rene foran 2010
summertime heat
tugs the prodigal sweltering
back to the blue green
wonderful welcome home
of a mother’s eye

white caps and sails,
swelling with heroic pride,
crisply jig, jogging memories
of  laundry waving in the yard
and broad pepsodent smiles

conch whispers crack open
coconut scented, endlessly endless
transistor radio days and
sultry secret citronella nights 
crackling and fire lit with wonder

Rene ~ July 2011

27 thoughts on “sea balm

  1. Great stuff! I'd forgotten all about pepsodent, now I can't get the old jingle out of my head. I wonder where the yellow went, when I clean my teeth with…etc, etc

  2. Hey Love I like the Broad Pepsodent smiles the best Love ya.Please don't be alarmed by all the love it is a habit I recently picked up from a friend love ya more…smiles

  3. Oh yea, I remember those 'coconut scented', 'transistor radio' days. Your words bring it back almost like I never left. I also really like you use of the word 'prodigal.'

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