eight hundred pounds and growing

we talk about the weather
but not gorillas
we talk about everything
else on our cluttered 
business minding shelves
except for gorillas
oh it’s never about  gorillas

tap dancing
spandex wearing
flame baton throwing
parade float riding
never you mind those gorillas

Rene ~ July 2011

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25 thoughts on “eight hundred pounds and growing

  1. Rene–1) Please tell Brian to burn the spandex. It's better to burn them in his firepit than to have them set on fire while he's still wearing them.2) I loved your poem. And the photo you included reminded me, again, how close cousins we are to the gorillas.

  2. In the moment I can take this to my cause du jour that I am utterly p.o.d at the grown men and women of OSP for their behavior in stepping all over the other members of the team, hijacking the memes and features to their own ends. That's a very f'ing big gorilla in the living room for me!

  3. "we talk about everythingelse on our cluttered business minding shelves"Enjoyed the flow and voice in this piece. The gorilla as stand in for the elephant, perfect!

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