It’s Creative Tuesday! All flavors and push-ups too!

Ice Cream man!!!!!!!! Ice Cream!!!!!!!! 
There’s still something about the ice cream truck coming down the street that just makes me lose it like a five year old.
So when Mr. Toast’s Creative Tuesday challenge was “Ice Cream”, I just had to take a bite!
At first I wanted to draw an ice cream truck, but it kept on coming out looking like an ambulance. And it was more detailed than my skill set could handle. So I settled on a simple grape Popsicle, because it’s my favorite flavor and I had a purple crayon handy.
The above picture is my humble submission. I used a Ticonderoga #2 pencil, an eraser ( lots of eraser) and Crayola crayons. I think it’s pretty sweet.
Take a peek at Hot Toast and Jam for past and future Creative Tuesdays.

Rene ~ August 2011


17 thoughts on “It’s Creative Tuesday! All flavors and push-ups too!

  1. Oooh…and a DOUBLE popsicle like that was always an extra special treat! Not to mention a purple tongue! ha. So nice to have you back to CT! 🙂

  2. Love it, love it, love it, Rene! So funny and well done too I might add. TY for playing along on this one. So great to have you back with your coloured pencils too. this was great. It will look fun in the montage. BTw, you will note I avoid complicated too. Oh no, trucks are way too hard–trucks of any kind. lol

  3. I think the challenges should be fun to do – and yours clearly was! It's summer, why complicate it with a truck?? Let's just keep it simple, fun, bright! 🙂

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