The Good Luck Man

Red Umbrella, Christopher Shay
courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales

longans and lichees
herbal remedies

pressed from the heart
i wear on my sieve

red umbrella shaman
raising bark, spreading leaves

to send you joy
i bring you cha-li

i am a fortunate passenger
on an auspicious track

a mackerel sky messenger
on yang tiger back

a slayer of evil
mirror in hand

i fill red bags with courage
I am the Good Luck man

Rene Foran ~ August 2011

31 thoughts on “The Good Luck Man

  1. pressed from the hearti wear on my sieveHad to wonder whether you've had an attack of the spellchecker gremlins here – were they looking for 'sleeve'?Loved the swing of the last two stanzas…

  2. This piece is a journey, and an adventureon a rainbow of light, where we slideoff on the red edge. Made me smile,made me wish for rain and sun breaksand a double rainbow over my new deck.Loved the lines /red umbrella shaman/raising bark, spreading leaves/ for we all needto interface with this good luck man.

  3. There's a fantasy element along with the exotic one in this – nice, musical language. I like the play between red sieve, umbrella and bag: withhold, leach or hold, depending on how that good luck is concocted.

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