everything we held
everything we knew to be
always and iron
shattered in minutes
in pieces

we sift numbly
through artifacts
and still warm promises
still waiting
still not believing

life cracks
silently, without warning
rivers run wild, divide
and break banks
stealing life savings

we wade through eyes and condolences
like mysterious undersea caverns
treading the past,  present and
future never touching bottom
who will stop the rain?

soaked to the bone, yet brittle
we snap like twigs, we cry
and hide like lost children
from each other and ourselves
we question our God

we try to feed the hungry spaces
between each moment
by holding onto hugs longer
saying I love you more quickly
but we are still human
and we’ve strained our necks looking for the sun

life heals in its own time
slowly, gracefully
faith, love and trust tend to the gaps
new growth forms naturally, miraculously
raising hope up from a crevasse
always and like iron

Rene ~ September 11, 2011
For Anna See


17 thoughts on “delta

  1. "we try to feed the hungry spacesbetween each momentby holding onto hugs longer"So very true. As human beings we often do feel hungry for love and whatever it is we had before this life and are now seeking.Beautifully written.

  2. Some phrases here I really like:"condolences mysteriousas undersea caverns"and I love the "soaked to the bone" stanza. I also like how you point out our impatience, our at times too eager love, the desire to heal faster than nature allows. Thank you for sharing this excellent poem.

  3. real and beautiful. this in particular, struck me:'but we are still humanand we've strained our heartsand necks in search of the sun'i feel like i'm always climbing toward the light. soaked to the bone and brittle as a dry twig.the fragility we all do so much to hide. i very much appreciated this.

  4. Beautiful writing. Everything we are and have, it all seems so fragile. You've expressed the human vulnerabilities, always looking for love, something to fill ourselves. Love the ending note, very hopeful — that things happen in their own time. I like it that you put "trust" as one of those things that help to build and heal oneself. It's the one thing that gets lost when one is hurt, and does stop one from being able to love or have faith. Good write!

  5. I'm speechless. I really can't say anything that comes close to bringing justice this piece you have written deserves.I am so thankful you are one on my list of reads. I cannot tell you how incredible it is to read and look for depth, just to find it here.You do it well.

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