good sleeping weather

photo by Chris J. Chambers

sailing paper boats
under german opera skies
autumn aerialists dive
splash down
into gray blue eyes
i tug at my wool cap
the wind picks up a ride
how i hate to be alone
after the beautiful goodbye

Rene ~ October 2011

4 thoughts on “good sleeping weather

  1. Well, I'd throw more than a penny into that hat. Another brilliant poem. I truly LOVE it, even if it makes me feel a little sad.

    Rene, I wanted to be sure tell you that I'm closing Hot Toast and Jam but thought you might enjoy its last post…all the way to the end surprise of sorts

    I will still be visiting just not as much (as if I have been that frequent anyway!) as one might expect when hosting a personal blog, verses an art one.

    Let me just say then, thank you for your support and online friendship along the way. Here's wishing you the very very best until we chat again.

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