photo credit: Google Images
for Magpie Tales

blood stains freckle
snow white linen
like rusted lace

i hide my face yet
i still hear the scrape
of sharp edged marbles

in your mouth
tumbling over scotch rocks
and little red last straws

nobody sees this
the more that doesn’t
meet their eye

but break a leg
they’ve read the book
and smell the rat

the taste of bile once
on your lips, i know
this silences the barking dog

i wait, i pray you sleep
soon, soundly, sweetly
on soiled linen

as a broken spirit hides and
mends under the covers
of a library’s worth of least read novels

Rene~November 2011
For d’verse ~ Poet’s pub

photo credit: Rene


39 thoughts on “insomnia

  1. Disturbing but in a way that can't quite be put into words. More like the accumulation of sharp edged marbles in a mouth, sleeping sweetly on soiled linen and broken spirits hiding under the covers. Good take on both prompts.

  2. You know, to be honest sometimes I read random poetry online and i think people just pluck words from the dictionary and put them one after another to sound clever, but I read this, and although there seemed to be disconnected images the whole thing just fell together in my mind, it is wonderful.thanks for sharingmartine

  3. You are a strong writer. I'm excited to have found you.Love your closing:"as a broken spirit hides andmends under the coversof a library's worth of least read novels"

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