photo credit: Rene

After we’d loosed
that last thunderclap of the summer,
up on the old Erie Lackawanna tracks,
I swear we heard the Universe exhale:
“Thank God that’s feckin’ over with.”
Me and Brady walked back to town on the rails
struttin’, smoking Marlboro’s and talking
like we knew about everything
and didn’t give a shit about nothin’
“You scared about startin’ high school?”
“Naw, I ain’t scared”
“I know you lie, ya big fat ‘fraidy cat”
“Shut up, Brady and I know you better fix your stank breath before school starts”
“Yeah, and I know you better pray to the titty fairy before school starts”
Usually the shit that Brady said didn’t bother me,
because we’re just foolin’ and playin’ around but,
I don’t know.
That day it was weird.
And instead of punching him the arm, I just got all quiet.
And so he was all quiet.
And that’s the way we walked, all the way home
everything all wound up tight
begging to be let alone
yet dying to be touched off
and sent screaming
into the night

Rene ~ November 2011


14 thoughts on “M-80

  1. Yes, an awesome read, to be saved and read again at leisure. It was immediate, I was there from start to finish. And I so remember that feeling ofbegging to be let aloneyet dying to be touched off…

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