vodka girls

South Nashua, NH ~ Photo by Rene

we get an early start
risin’ at noon
or 3:15
panty twisted
and panda eyed
fresh as gas station daisies
staring skyward
in spite of the sun
like stiletto’d squirrels
on telephone lines
yeah, yeah, the danger
we go hard so
it knows us
but damn sure doesn’t own us
we’ve touched bottom
so many times
we’ve left hand prints
in the cement
just like Hollywood, baby
print that

Rene ~ November 2011

34 thoughts on “vodka girls

  1. You got this down right and bright. Brassy and tight with a lovely, somewhat hidden, self-ironic smile. That wild thirst to walk that edge of misshapen dreams and throttle the experience till it begs you to let go, got me seeing the sashay and spin on a dime of stilletto heels.

  2. Ohmuhgaw…I am LOVIN this. Love the panda eyes, the gas station daisies, the sunstaring, the stilettoed squirrels, and just the whole in-your-face, up yours 'tude of the thing. Girls just wanna have fun, 2011 style.

  3. Reminds me of Lush Life and the Ladies Who Lunch..well my mind turns to music and you made this musical – fresh as gas station daisies, stilleto'd squirrels, high wire and hands in cement. I think I've met one or two of these along the way! This was a hoot & a holler. Definitely one of the best of the year!!

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