dubious luxury

Image: Christine Donnier-Valentin
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you should stand out
from the crowd
but you gotta hold back
ju-u-st enough
pick your place and
your moment
otherwise folks’ll be
and that diamond tiara
may as well
be a tin-foil hat
it’s like i’m always sayin’
to my girl
Frankie, honey,
don’t matter if you’re wearing
the right red dress if
it’s the wrong damn time
people can smell
from a mile away

Rene ~ November 2011

29 thoughts on “dubious luxury

  1. Hey Rene – thanks for visiting my page. Am just paying a return call and loving what you’re doing here. You’re unpretentious “about me” page had me tittering in recognition of some of my own attitudes. Glad I’m not the only one!
    Having a read round your poems and very much enjoying your economical use of language. It’s clear but there’s still heart here. I particularly like the line in this one about “trying too hard” – oh my, we all know a girl like that don’t we! (And maybe, occasionally, I’ll grudgingly admit to having been one… just now and then… )

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