just like james taylor

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rub my back
pretty please

go up and down
thumb and index
finger coaxing

strum me
tuck my hair
behind my ears

tune my senses,
go on and tell me
those stories

about mind tripping
to Carolina
and how my
smile turns ya inside

take your time,
don’t hurry baby
i love to watch
your mouth

speak of fire
and rain
of love and
life without

how the sunsets
in Mexico
and tumble down
the water spout

hold me close
go on
make my heart race
can’t nobody but you
put that smile on my face

do me wrong
ah, then do me
so right
let’s get back to that place
we were on copperline

lovin’ me sweetly
sharin’ the roof you’re on
rockin’ you
while you’re here
missin’ you
when you’re gone

Rene ~ Revised December 2011

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