Mostafa Habibi
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my dreams are sooo grand 
all the world shines with light
morning wakes wrathful demons
fear and doubt, my reality bites
root bound in my future inventions
i’m a mother of stillborn intentions
i’d love to entertain success
but i haven’t a thing to wear
so i’ll just stay stuck here
it isn’t yet high tide
like a bee on a lollipop stuck
here the view is quite sublime

oh i’ll just stay stuck here

it isn’t all that bad

i’ll just stay stuck here
the sunsets are kinda rad…
one day i’ll get out
and in that boat, you’ll see
i’ll paddle out to middle of it all
you’ll be so proud of me
but what if a tsunami hits!
how the hell would I survive?
and what if I do? what do I do?
when the sharks eat me alive?
so … i’ll just stay stuck here
ahhh, all this time for me
i’ll just stay stuck here
but i’m getting kinda thirsty
i’m a little sad being stuck here
i could sure use some company

it kinda sucks being stuck here
anyone got a shovel for me?

Rene ~ December 2011

17 thoughts on “stuck

  1. smiles…a bee on a lollipop…dont let the uncertainty keep you stuck…my fav lines…root bound in my future inventionsi'm a mother of stillborn intentionsthe whole poem is a hyperlink too, that goes to a dead page, not sure if you realized that…

  2. Yeah, this poem is all about being stuck, realizing that you're stuck and just being to scared or lazy to do anything about it. So you just accept it and try to find silver linings in sewer pipes and crap like that. Maybe write a song or two about it…

  3. I'm number "8" of your "9".My favourite parts are the stanzas in italics. That's the old familiar self-doubt, eroding all self-confidence. This picture would work for me, except it should be more like quicksand.

  4. I love the thought of a bee on a lollipop. I seriously am going to let that roll around in my head a bit. It's saying something to me…This poem speaks to me. I think I may see a bit of that man in myself.Pearl

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