hubbards blues

broken moon on my left
crooked river on my right
got my holey soles dug in
halfway to China deep
in the hungry belly of the night

out in the side-yard dogs are barking
and there’s blood in the air
split my lip on a broken dream teacup no bones about it friend
this old mother’s cupboard is bare

can’t blame this on the moon
or the way the river run
don’t want your sympathy cuz
it’s what I did, or failed to do
that’s made me come undone

but you can pray for me, child
tell the Lord I can’t do it alone
send me angels bearing biscuits
and red eye gravy
whiskey and a big ol hambone

Rene ~ January 2012
For The Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


15 thoughts on “hubbards blues

  1. you caught the beat, here. the beat rhythm and the beat-heart. how has it never occurred to the world before (credit to you, here) to link madame hubbard and her cupboard to the blues? stroke of genius.

  2. "split my lip on a broken dream teacup no bones about it my cupboard is bare" Love it Rene. You are so talented and once again I am so happy you are still blogging you're words are deep and beautiful.Huggs,JB

  3. oh much enjoyed your hubbards blues…send me angels bearing biscuitsand red eye gravywhiskey and a big ol hambone…quite different from the myrrhe and balm…smiles…love it

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