looking glass

Image credit: Duane Michals
Magpie Tales

look at them
just look at them
oh that beautiful pair

the them, the they
the sum total of
a celestial equation

but who am i
now that i’m alone
by myself

i’m too afraid
to know but…
that i do

i am what i am
a victim
of a time jester’s truth

a crone, a nobody
tossed overhead
smashed underfoot

superstition’s deathbed bride
seven white candles
burning bright

a puff of breath
a ring of fire
a cracked mirror, mirror

crazed, silent
yet still
i am alive

Rene ~ March 2012

15 thoughts on “looking glass

  1. I think this is brilliant. You got to the essence of the image, most definitely. Love this stanza especially:i am what i ama victimof a time jester's truth. ……wow.

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