Image: ParkeHarrison
Magpie Tales

when the dark presses
scatters like paper
lit on fire

courage rises
and pratfalls
down waxed hospital corridors

soaked in sour wine
blister the tongue

the body a vessel
the soul
a marionette
hijacked, voiceless

help me
if you can
reach me
here i am

Rene~March 2012
for d’Verse Poets

“The Nightmare”
by Henry Fuseli

30 thoughts on “mara

  1. I've felt this in what is known as sleep paralysis. The prayers are not answered and the presence of evil is terrible. Your poem captures that terror that stifles all cries for help.

  2. So powerful and so powerless all at the same time, Rene. I have been in the places where your poem dwells. Thank you for sharing this expressive work. The picture at the end adds poignancy.

  3. Excellent! I really love the desperation and the rhythm.This is my favorite:"when the dark pressesfaithscatters like paperlit on fire"

  4. Rene, those last four lines are particularly striking. Thanks for being a part of FBF, but just one note for future reference, dearie…the prompt asks for a new poem, not a repost. K? Oh, I know, the devil made you do it…

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