image from National Geographic

you can’t stop
the fame screams your name
licks your shoulders
and claws your back
your eyes love the rhythm
the hook charms your soul

your nights are restless
roping the wind
mining diamonds on the sun
you stop to breathe
and all the world is still
as rockets

a kingdom
for just one
what the world needs now
you tell yourself
is a good old fashioned

to bring us together
because cliched meteoric flame-outs
are nothing more
than tedious cosmic

jade lidded
you scratch your ass
refusing to believe
there’s nothing new
under the sun

Rene ~ July 2012


5 thoughts on “paparazzi

  1. interesting title…it throws me from the verse a bit…i could think of a few things i would not mind keeping me up at night…the use of words nuisance though make me feel this one is not fun though…

  2. the supernova made me sing Liz Phair the whole time. she'd love this raw worded poem, just like I did.

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