angels in the architecture

Image: Linda Allardice

if you could see
you would openly weep
at the sight of them
you would be on your knees
begging for a ride

though i didn’t know her from adam
or the man in the moon
i believed her and nodded
she smiled
and it was good

i offered her a cigarette
she pretended to refuse
(for heavens sake)
as i lit it up
she took a long drag
like an old soul

we can never be angels
she purred
don’t that make you wanna cry?
we can be saints if we want to
i just haven’t got the time

Rene ~ July 2012

Thank you for the shove Lance

For 100 Word Song ~ All you need to know is right here

The song prompt is “She Talks To Angels” by the Black Crows. I’m supposed to include the video with this post but I can’t for the life of me make that happen. Lame but true.

Flog me.


9 thoughts on “angels in the architecture

  1. wow at the depth, hurt, and most of metaphorical ass kicking.Teh last two lines are cash money but I like the pretending to not want a cigarette. that means not wanting to be yourself. this sounded like finely tuned acoustic guitars and a jazzy drum beatexcellent. Leeroy is dancing

  2. Love that last stanza the bestest. Cool to see you playing #100wordsong, too.Oh, and I almost never include the video, and Lance hasn't kicked me out yet πŸ˜‰

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