this is the wonder church
of your heart
your way

a place where
a will of iron
turns to a paste
of ash and nectar

you paint the day
bright expectant
the night
clear triumphant

this is a place of truth
for searchers
a cathedral
for slumber treasure

this is a place
where good and evil
sip from the same cup
and die by the same fire

Rene ~ August 2012
For Magpie Tales

Image credit ( via Magpie Tales)
Andrew Wyeth, 1948
“The Big Room”


27 thoughts on “lintel

  1. this is a placewhere good and evilsip from the same cupand die by the same fire…nice…really like that closing stanza rene, they seem to coexist well in many places these days…

  2. This poem knocked my socks off. They’re still floating here–in the air–beside me.

    First this poem is packed with the spiritual wisdom of everyday life. The second stanza is my faviorite. I don’t know how many times I’ve experienced the dissolving of my will…Due to some higher purpose I didn’t realize I signed up for.

    I just really love this.

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