high school hope chest

i was a carpenter’s dream
you never could
shut up about that

i was more than just
you didn’t own

the sense to figure
that out
you let your hormones and

swelling glands
navigate your every

and thought of me
when I couldn’t even
stand myself

if only i could have
my breasts

or cut
my ethnic nose

our conversations
could have

gone somewhere
instead of falling

like that idiotic
in your monologue

i was always the
straight man in your
perfect, curvy world

forever waiting for
the hook to
yank you back

truth be told
behind the
forced laughter

you had no
idea that
I didn’t mind

you were too
thick to see
that you

like your stupid jokes
were always close to
my heart

Rene ~ September 2012

I was just feeling like a “big for her size” 14 year old this morning…
And this is the havoc I chose to wreak on the planet. It’s a little thin after the hook brings you back part… Work in progress. I’ll flesh it out a little more. Maybe. If I feel like it.

Sweet havoc.

29 thoughts on “high school hope chest

  1. Oh, I completely relate to this one. Being the girl with the ethnic nose and lots of hormones and never the right place to put them.Esp love "maybeour conversationscould havegone somewhereinstead of fallingflat"

  2. Oh I think most of us have had those moments……..the good news? when you get as old as I am, you just dont care any more, act outrageous, let your hair be frizzy,and just laugh hysterically at the whole human drama. Keep your sense of humor, kiddo. It will see you through:)

  3. really nice job. I had a buddy in high school that used the Carpenter's dream line all the time, although, when nobody replied to him, he felt the need to consistently explain it, as if we'd forgotten lol You did a nice job creating the moment, yet also added in reflection and a definite style/tone, really enjoyed. Thanks for sharing tonight.

  4. it can be so hard, being 14 and in the midst of puberty waves love ourselves like we are…well written..a deep look into your mind and i think most of us can relate to it

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