it doesn’t matter
what you say
what you think of

i own my truths
and my lies
with steely eyed

it doesn’t matter
that my body
is not perfect for

every fold
a triumphant valley
every scar
a sacred highway

it doesn’t matter
that you leave me
between hard places

i know my territory
i don’t wish for
more beyond

it does not matter
if i never
see you

i will be grateful
our paths crossed
and i’ll wish you well
my friend

Rene ~ November 3, 2012

Fireblossom has the Real Toads channelling our inner opposite to write poems that do NOT reflect our true feelings.

Link up and tell everyone like it’s not.


38 thoughts on “lover

  1. The prompt is unique. I am not sure how easy or difficult it might have been to write something which you do not feel. But I like this piece. It is a not at all flashy and pretty confident acceptance of not only your self but of a relation as well.

  2. i would wish this was truth for you…not caring what others thought of you…there is freedom in coming to that place….and on not letting the loss of other friends affect…i dont know that i could ever get to there…

  3. here's the thing, Brian. When you are wired, as I am, to feel the pain of everyone it is impossible not to care. I pretend a lot that I don't…but who is kidding whom? πŸ™‚

  4. I loved the landscape and territory you shared!It paints a vivid map of where the heart actually lies-in this liar, liar poem ;DWell done…sure wish I had this view!

  5. I understand well. It does matter what someone thinks of me too, but I try not to give it power over me; but this is hard sometimes. I do think we do have to own our own truths though. We cannot deny what we think and feel.

  6. This was a tough read … sounds like we both have had to deal with the 'you're not good enough .. will never fit in' mentality. I hear strength in your words, Rene.

  7. Sometimes I wish a fence is all that it would take to create distance and mute pain, but as you, a fence is what it is, and I will always see the otherside, regardless. Very nice write.

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