your rail pass

take me on up
to the railroad tracks
through the gravel
til we reach the peak
holding hands
ties beneath our feet
the moon tunnels
through cloud covers
yes, i’ll kiss you back
for the first time
e-ver-y time
lights rush by
and sweep us
off our feet
all this and more
if you take me
up on the railroad tracks

Rene ~ November 5, 2012

13 thoughts on “your rail pass

  1. lovely…grew up by the tracks, fell asleep listening to them….and def have a love affair with trains and jumping one…did once…getting back off is the hard part you know….and so kissing by the tracks…well that works for me…smiles…for the first timee-ver-y time…amen.

  2. I have an immense love affair with trains. The older and more rickety the better.Just this morning i've been racing them through the high rockies in montana. Always a smile, always a rush. A girl once hopped a freight with me. I've loved her for it ever since.Thanks for the write

  3. Love the very subtle romantic undertones in this poem!! There is something about railroad tracks, I find….wondering just where they lead (both literally and figuratively).

  4. This brings me back to when I was a child, traveling across the country with my parents. At several motel stops in the Midwest, I would fall asleep to sounds of the endless freight trains in the distance, and wonder. Mostly, I imagined myself running away and becoming part of that journey to anywhere else…

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