derelict love

derelict love
rise above the
lust of broken
wings to mend you
pretend all’s well
split seam hell spills
no tell secrets
across jet-stream
vignette postcards
from your heart to
the hard of flight
to hold tight reign
*on a love insane

Rene ~ November 8, 2012

For d’Verse Poets
FormForAll-Than Bauk

The Than Bauk is a climbing rhyme
of Burmese origin


13 thoughts on “derelict love

  1. rise above thelust of brokenwings to mend you…love that bit…you really got the dance of the words going in this one rene…i also like the postcards from the heart….nicely done…smiles.

  2. I liked the postcard from the heart. This poem had a WWII feel, and maybe a little steampunk thing going on. Really nice feel for the chain version of the Than Bauk. Thank you!

  3. this flows so naturally and beautifully. of course now I'm going to have the song "take these broken wings and learn to fly again and learn to live so free" stuck in my head, but it was worth it.

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