Image ( via Magpie Tales)
Object To Be Destroyed ~ Man Ray

I often wonder
where you’ve gone
usually after
I’ve had a bit of fun

you never wait
for me, or anyone
for that matter
always on your way

noiselessly spinning
healing wounds
dispensing tinctures
making fools

in circles you are
cursed, blessed
sucked and

try as I might
you will not be
forced or

you are
what I wish for
more than anything

when I have you
in my hands
all I want to do
is kill you

Rene ~ December 2, 2012

For Magpie Tales


29 thoughts on “paradox

  1. As an architect, I've spent more than a few hours (and more than a few rounds) attempting to deal with wanting to destroy the order that gives life…and can strangle it.Yeah, it's like that.

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