we all fall for ashes

Photo by R.A.D Stainforth

white smoke
collection plate
chalk dust rubbed
from heaven’s slate
lace mantilla
frames your face
kiss me
with the passion
of a suffering

grace amazing
december eight
the night is dark
and the hour’s
your sights
above me
yet here i wait
lighting up
another courage

chasing haloes
my breath
you take
my soul you burn
to the stake

watch them all line up
see them all fall down
for the sake of ashes

Lord the way you
roll me
holy smokes

let me
into you
a sacred,
secret work
of art and
i will love you
and all that
you ponder
in your

Rene ~ December 30, 2012
Magpie Tales

Lucky 2013 to you all!


33 thoughts on “we all fall for ashes

  1. " my breath you takemy soul you burndown to the stake "I love the intricate wordings of your poem. Thank you for participating in Poets United Poetry Pantry this year. I wish you a very Happy New Year and lots of good poetry!

  2. I love the flow of this piece, how it winds and twists around the images, and I particularly like these lines: "kiss me with the passionof a sufferingsaint" – the suffering saint and his passion entwined most aptly.

  3. I looked at this image and thought there was nothing I could do with it, but you have so artfully woven this magic out of smoke that it makes think perhaps I should pull a phoenix out of these ashes?Very nice, indeed.

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