Image (via Magpie Tales) by Daniel Murtagh

to watch her slip into
the silken night vulnerable
longing diaphanous

to boldly witness
such radiant torture,
exceedingly miraculous

to keep her pressed
under glass, instinctual
yet hopelessly dangerous

to know this brutal age old ache
is to have lived
a life across the threshold

Rene ~ January 6, 2013


25 thoughts on “virgin

  1. the last stanaza takes the emoyion and frames it like this battle shield. I liked the power of this one, Rene. it's terrific.

  2. haha…there is def some strength to your voice in this…and your mention of kids in the comments adds a whole other level…oy…there will come a time of letting go and i am not looking forward to it…smiles…though my son had his first sleep over this weekend..

  3. to know this brutal age old acheis to have livedExactly! one gets to know it better having experienced it first hand. Pain or pleasure is up to the individual. But the rules need to be bent a little before that. Nicely Rene!Hank

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