Albert de Belleroche, 1885, head and shoulders of a young woman

You’re late…

                                                    Tell me again,
                                                   Why am I here?

Just pull your
hair back
follow my lead

Do I have anything
between my teeth?

                                                  Besides my

That’s enough

                                               Never heard you
                                              complain before.

Where were you

                                             Annie’s back.


                                           Easy, Jake
                                           she just needs a

I need to know that
I can count on you,

                                           You can, man
                                           things are different

God, I hope so
We’ve got to make
the cut

                                         No pressure…

                                         Why, Jake?

                                        After all the hell I put
                                        you through?


You make my blood

We’re up next

Let’s tango

Rene ~ January 16, 2013

Not so much poetry, but a bit of fun with dialog
in 100 words

For 100 Word Song
This weeks prompt
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala
Check them out

8 thoughts on “milonga

  1. Wow! I liked this. It looks like fun to try. I recently seen a poetry prompt to write a poem about the number 13. I think I may try that in a day or so. My youngest daughter was born on a Friday the 13th, so can't be that bad. Thank you for sharing this!!!

  2. how you spaced and used dialogue makes this so naughty and fun and interesting.I like the last two lines. My mind went ina couple of places.Thanks for the great song.

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