february library

Be that
like music to my ears
one that makes me sing
around an upright piano
or tangled up in the sheets

Be that
sinful filling
in my cupcake
the one worth the weight
teasing me
away from the 9 to 5
and into your wicked game

Be that
welcomed back rub
on weary shoulders
the kind that never ends
fixing me
kneading my troubles gone
as fast as your hands can

Be that
one true, fine
love i let in
the kind that builds up
bathing lost, abandoned corners
in undying perfect light

Rene ~ February 3, 2013

If February makes you shiver,
get under those covers and dream πŸ™‚

Central Library, Manchester, UK , Robin Gosnall


Magpie Tales

100 Word Song-
this weeks song prompt
“Strength” by The Alarm

Poets United and

d’Verse Poets #Open Link Nite



19 thoughts on “february library

  1. smiles…i hope they are that for you…love the elements you chose…the back rub and cake….and the music of the heartbeat…sounds like the ingredients to a fine love to me…smiles.

  2. naughtilyteasing meaway from the 9 to 5and into your wicked gameHas that playful feel, Rene! Someone is not reporting for work but staying home for some fun! Nicely!Hank

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