memories of a young poet

“November Lace” ~ Photo by Rene

marble notebook in hand
she slipped away 

from the fray
to her childhood room
the bedroom window
and onto the rooftop poetic:

” she sat 
arms hugging knees
surveying life,
the leafless trees
spindly branches claw the sky
scratching for sun,
to heaven they cry
psalms of wisdom,
strength and grace
woven in November lace”
the air felt good
against her flushed cheeks
a beautiful sunset
was now in progress
she was thankful for this
she was thankful
for finding her peace
she belonged
right here,
right now
to this moment

Excerpted from “November Lace” by Rene
Rene ~ February 9, 2013

For d’Verse Poetics “Meeting The Bar-Mining The Memory”

12 thoughts on “memories of a young poet

  1. smiles….rooftops are such cool places to escape to…mine was to the basement…i could go there and no one would find me…that or slip the window and go out back to the cemetary….

  2. …ah…finding place you feel belonged with is never seemed to be easy… but then i find my escape & temporary at the attic where all my old friend toys patiently waiting for my visits… priceless & gold memories Rene… thanks for sharing it with us… smiles… and yeah.. i think tomatoes are fruit like aubergines… hihi… have a great remainder of the week… smiles…

  3. i would love to have a flat rooftop like they have in the orient so that i could sit there and watch the stars at night…such a peaceful moment…we all need these places where we find balance again

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