a familiar twinkle

“She stared at the sun” ~ photo by Rene

you told me once you
were your daddy’s favourite
little bastard child
a cute as a button nut
on a crooked little branch
on a leaning family tree

paprika in the
sugar bowl no one said a
damn word they just scooped
around the rust and stirred
their tea, nodding
how do you, do you, do dear

and at every
family reunion the
elephants tap danced
on dining room tables
hey, how about them

seventh of thirteen
you were the brightest marble
in an oak junk drawer
a proud thumb sticking out
you hitched a ride,
half way home

Rene ~ February 27, 2013
For 100 Word Song
This week’s prompt:
Elvis Costello’s “Brilliant Mistake”
Do you feel inspired?
Come on and write along!
It would be cool to see some Magpie folks on the Mr. Linky 🙂


11 thoughts on “a familiar twinkle

  1. This is brilliant, and that's no mistake! (Forgive the corny line, but as I couldn't build upon this beautiful piece, that's all I could come up with.)

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