2 am

Image: (via Magpie Tales) TheFoxandRaven

that pouty lipped
wringing wet
national velvet era
box top version
of liz taylor

the one i left
behind in
the attic
with a&p bags fulla
coming of age
dime store beach trash,

a dark secret,
a red sash
heart murmur,
a wicked overactive
ouija board

she screams blue, down
my dream halls
Let’s GO GO
twisting in a HURRIcane
right NOW! my trEAT
YOU can’t say no

pillow flipping off
her midnight
power surge
i drown her out in buckets
of tidal sweat
good lord, girlie

go the hell to sleep
go to hell to sleep

Rene ~ March 3, 2013


24 thoughts on “2 am

  1. the push and pull of this is so thoughtful and real, and i just love"a wicked overactiveouija boardimagination"sometimes i think that's what my mind is like. i never know how to describe it though, and you might have. very interesting write, i liked it. x

  2. whew…the things we have tucked away in the attic…have to be careful letting them out…they may not want to go back to sleep…smiles. a little imagination is not a bad thing though.

  3. Yes, sometimes our youth, or past, or packed away dreams want to come out and play, and we play along again until it's time to remember today. Some great lines in this. I love great lines and really enjoyed this piece.

  4. One of my faves of the night! You create a fully-realized character, here, with your careful attention to surprising details, your playfulness with rhythm, assonance, and internal rhyme, the tone you maintain throughout the poem–reflecting both the exuberance of the subject versus the weary knowingness of the narrator– and the naturalness with which you write. Excellent.

  5. a wicked overactiveouija boardimaginationthat will get you in major trouble every time–eloquent writing that makes the moment/past all too real–last lines are killer good. Also liked the liz taylor reference–what a symbol of lush ultimate feminine she was.

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