Picasso, faun-horse-bird, 1936

she sang you in
like a sea serpent charmed
i’m sure

once on her lips
a lifetime on your knees

your once limber
tongue now tied in despair
poor thing

such a pity
tempted by that pretty
sly bird

worse than her song
is her empty reward

and now you dream
of diving black horses

dragging you down
below a shameful sun

Rene ~ March 17, 2013
For Magpie Tales


21 thoughts on “siren

  1. dang…he sure was a sucker eh? got her hooks in and then denied him…and yet he still will not give up, she now owning his freedom…cool write rene and nice form too..smiles.

  2. Sailors are so easily led astray – or at least that's their almost universal reputation. The stanza form and enjambment add a lot to this poem, Rene. I love the siren legends; thankfully the only sirens I've heard were on emergency vehicles.

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