my first kiss, huh? Hah!
is that why you’re here?
is this what you want to talk about?
(oh god!) it was dreadful!
not so much the kiss but my
reACTion towards it…

i just didn’t know HOW i was…i just,
i didn’t know how IT was????
done!!! ^~^’
i made the mistake of looking ^Q^
(it was all lips and TEETH and~tongue~)
oh no! -i wasn’t afraid-
i was just too young ^=^

Rene~March 20, 2013
For Poets United REACTION


11 thoughts on “rookie

  1. This was my first reaction to the reaction prompt…gotta go with your gut sometimes 🙂 plus I wanted to write something fun and light! Thanks for stopping by, Kim, always a pleasure.

  2. ha. i like your little emoticon figures at the ends of lines…it is telling in how young she was…and that first experience we get a little lost in the mechanics of it…ha…and it can be a little gross….

  3. …every 'first' defines the truth in us… the innocence, awkwardness, flaws, the chuckle, fear, everything that def polished in the second coming for it has already been experienced… smiles…

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