Such rich hatred
for empty hours
and new moons,
times of dark realization
of who and what
we truly are

We are holes
furiously burned
into blinding white pages
that no wine, prayer or
pleading fill.
So we ride

We ride for lust,
(certainly not love)
We ride to favor our muses
and kill our darlings
We ride
to free worlds!

Worlds like wheels
spinning ’round and ’round
Great expectant moon
built on body heat
and dirty work

We ride
for the thrill of pearls
charmed from snakes
and silk purses.
For letters from unfaithful muses,
We are fools

Rene~April 5,2013

For 100 Word Song
This week’s prompt “Dirty Work” by Steely Dan

For the love of our words
We are fools


25 thoughts on “dirtywords

  1. I love the visuals from this, and the flow. I especially loved "We are holes furiously burned into blinding white paper that no wine, prayer or pleading fill. So we ride".

  2. This is a thrilling statement of purpose. May you ride on. I liked"We are holesfuriously burnedinto blinding white paperthat no wine, prayer orpleading fill."We are holes, that is, we exist only in the absence of something else. Spoke to me, Thanks.

  3. Thanks for this vit of old school hell fire and damnation from the pulpit Rene, once more for the road !. I was raised Catholic so it brings back old memories. Cheers, mate

  4. one of your best. That first stanza, well the second one two, are so inspirational and cutting. I loved this. Thanks for bringing the heat for 100 word song, Rene

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