one last broken
one first bite of
let heaven and free will

thunderclap mistress
thirst obscene
lips parted
dripping sunset nectar
the moon is gold
my eyes are green

the world is radiant
the ceiling endless
i have bled into the river
it knows my name


Rene ~ May 5, 2013

For Magpie Tales

Young Woman Picking the Fruit of Knowledge, 1892 by Mary Cassatt

18 thoughts on “ascension

  1. really cool use of color in this rene…there is an enchanting rhythm to it as well…free will…is it really as free? we still must live with the consequences of our actions…for better or worse…

  2. We are allowed free will, which is a mixed blessing for sure. There are so many TEMPTATIONS that are hard to resist….especially when the world is radiant.

  3. really cool how you capture the energy of the pic renee.. and yes the free will…he knew it would be a risky business.. and i love that he doesn't force anything on us but lets us choose with all the risks it bears… really well penned

  4. Beautiful beautiful write!! the radiance of the words tell the story…the colors and the flavors all are so tangible…the word Evangeline is so startling yet, expected. And the river..well, it knows all of our names, yes? Excellent word arrangements (I am not a sophistocated critic)but I feel so much here. Thank you for sharing….

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